Our Schools

Elverado Primary School

114 S 8th St

Elkville, IL 62932


Elverado High School

514 S 6th St

Elkville, IL 62932


Elverado Intermediate/Junior High

190 Harrison St

Vergennes, IL 62994

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What makes Elverado stand out?

Elverado's mission is to help students in maximizing life skills in a caring, connected community.

Small Class Sizes

Maximize the educational potential by learning in an environment that produces learning.

Qualified Teachers

Students learn from qualified teachers that care about the individual needs of the students.

Clubs and Activities

Elverado offers multiple clubs, sports, and other activities for all students to take part in during the school year.

Community and Alumni

All students benefit by being connected to a community that cares about the education of the students.